Artist Statement

Djinn Loci’s work uses laser scanning to tell a story about a place which wouldn’t otherwise be clearly visible to the naked eye of its observers. Unlike a conventional camera which captures external light, a laser scanner relies on a certain density of captured points to bring shape to its subject. Laser scanning allows the capture of a three-dimensional moment in time which can be revisited whenever one chooses.

Darkness and shadow represent the absence of information, while data points act as sources of light - the more surface data captured, the brighter the area. While the artist’s images bring more technical information to light about a setting, much more than the setting itself is often being captured. Viewers may discover a narrative of its own unfolding within the scene, supported by a cast of characters who inhabit the captured environment.

Djinn Loci’s point cloud imagery is the result of a two step process. Firstly, chosen settings are captured by performing single or multiple scans using a laser scanner. The point cloud, or, the result of laser scanning, consists of millions of X, Y and Z coordinates. This long series of numbers represents real life subjects which have been captured and plotted in a three-dimensional digital environment. Such an image can consist of tens of thousands of pages worth of numerical data sets.

Secondly, Djinn Loci selects the frame of view, not unlike a street photographer, but without real world constraints. Such flexibility allows for viewpoints which may be difficult, or even impossible to visualize using conventional photography. Being able to capture multiple sides of an object or setting grants the viewer an x-ray like vision, allowing for an alternative experience of places both familiar and unfamiliar.

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